Megan Atwood Cherry is a painter and a sculptor whose material choices are driven not by loyalty to a single medium, but rather by her need to give tangible form to conceptual content. In her portfolio, oil paintings rub shoulders with wood sculpture, fiber art, drawings, and installations. 

Whether Megan investigates an idea through the lens of discarded scraps or childhood relics, the poetry of humble objects takes center stage. Her work reveals an interest in the comforting structures of geometry, the universal language of graphic design, and the rugged resourcefulness of the fiber arts. Each of her series, in its own way, recognizes the quiet power and emotional life of simple shapes, objects, or processes.
Megan earned Bachelor’s degrees in theatrical set design and studio art from the College of Santa Fe in 2003, followed by a MFA from the University of Idaho in 2015.

With a home base in Sandpoint, Idaho, Megan's working life is a balance of studio practice, teaching, and public service. She is an art instructor at North Idaho College and Emerge of Coeur d' Alene. She also serves on the Sandpoint Arts Commission. Her work is exhibited both nationally and throughout the Inland Northwest region.