Artist Statement
Megan Atwood Cherry is a multi-disciplinary artist who confounds her own affinity for cohesion and organization by creating an on-going march of distinct inquiries, each series stubbornly different from the last. Though often bound by conceptual ties to her other investigations, each body of work requires its own processes, media, and language. Her recent work includes paper sculpture, wood constructions, and poetic text.

This work disarticulates the verbal combat which plagues the present moment. In this fractured time, conversational debate neither clarifies nor unites. These are thwarted communications: crumpled pages abandoned in the wake of calamity, voices hushed by powerful silencers, and poems scavenged from the cacophony of contemporary discourse.

At the nexus of determination and despair, the work calls on the structures of geometry to contain chaotic information. Determination takes form in the resourcefulness of improvised joinery methods, while the universalizing qualities of abstraction and graphic design establish common ground in troubled times. 
Megan Cherry’s working life is rooted in North Idaho, where she balances public service with studio practice and teaching. She holds bachelor’s degrees in both fine art and theatrical design from the College of Santa Fe along with an MFA from the University of Idaho. Megan was a faculty member in the North Idaho College Art Department from 2010 – 2018, where she specialized in teaching arts and humanities core classes. Megan now serves Emerge of Coeur d’ Alene with curriculum development and instruction for the Artist Incubator, a professional development program for emerging artists.

As a member of the Sandpoint Arts Commission between 2016 and 2018, Megan developed a fondness for the collaborative process of tending a city’s public art collection. This passion for creative organization and community engagement has carried her to the City of Moscow, where she serves as Arts Program Manager. When not at City Hall, in the classroom, or in the art studio, Megan can usually be found in the midst of woodworking and forest stewardship collaborations with her husband James.

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