Shipping & Handling is a series that examines form, sensations of security and value systems through the lens of simple subject matter. At the center of my investigation of each object is a regard for the beauty of its form. All the tucks and folds, peaks and hollows are a visual roller coaster.

I am painting packaging materials and structures that are, by one line of argument, not special; they are certainly not as valuable as the things they protect during transport. Perhaps what I offer the viewer is the perspective of a precious object, a family heirloom, for example, that is being shuttled from one place to another. The cardboard box would loom large in its vision, the bubble wrap a silky blanket in which to rest.

Shipping & Handling takes a refreshed look at the worth of ordinary objects. Depicted larger-than-life in oil on canvas, these humble packaging materials are elevated in status. They take on a secret life of their own. The private life of these objects exceeds our typical expectations for a tatty paper bag, say, or a bread bag clip holding a twisted piece of plastic. I am interested in the systems by which humans tend to value and categorize things. By offering an alternative to the standard view of packaging materials, I am questioning the validity of those systems.